Starting a new adventure

"THEY" say that starting over is scary.... "THEY" say that admitting defeat is brave....  "THEY" say that failure is good if you learn from it....  As many of you know I have recently shut down my business - my cafe and my catering company.  It was heart breaking, it was the most difficult thing I have ever done career wise.  I had always heard that if you work hard you will succeed.  Lies.  Sometimes you can give everything and still not succeed. Sometimes you can work as hard as you can, depriving yourself sleep, friendships, family time, holidays and it still isn't enough. Sometimes you have to make the tough decision to walk away...... I have walked away. I am now on a culinary adventure and am hoping you will join me. I am taking the next 3 months to find my voice again, my voice with no restrictions on what I am creating, no limits on flavour or geography. I am hoping I can travel the world through food. This summer I will visit with local vendors, farmers, chefs and foodies to see what makes them love food the way they do, the way I do. I will take inspiration from them and begin to weave my own food identity using the fibers of their stories. Check back often. The adventure begins!!!